Kmart says Money Can’t Buy Style, are they right?

According to The Beatles, money can’t buy love. Now Kmart America are saying that money can’t buy you style in an interesting new advertising campaign.

In a ploy to encourage people to spend less to be stylish, Kmart’s new slogan “Money Can’t Buy Style” makes me wonder if their way of saying – stop trying so hard to be stylish, you ain’t got it so shop with us and save some $$?

The release says that it is aimed at empowering customers to embrace their individualism when approaching fashion, rather than focusing on brand names or even trends. Kmart want to emphasize self-expression in fashion and sent a team around America to hunt down real people with individual style to appear in the Fall 2011 advertising campaign.

We applaud the celebration of individual style but in a world where clothing is mass produced at alarming rates, is it really individual?

We’d love to know your thoughts on Kmart America’s new advertising campaign and if you think money can buy style?