InGlam launches a hair straightener with an MP3 player, what will they think of next?

These days it’s all about tools & gadgets that do it all – look at the mobile phone, it now takes photos, plays music, surfs the internet as well as the usual things a phone should do. But here’s a product I never thought of before, a hair straightener and MP3 player in one.

Yep, you read right, a hair appliance that has a built in MP3 Player.

Launched by InGlam, the Ceramic Digital 1″ Hairstyling Iron comes in built with 2GB of memory into its latest appliance. Built for hair care and entertainment, the tool also boasts ceramic plates that produce Negative Ions and Far Infra Red, temperature adjustment and the usual feature that come with most high-end hair straighteners.

The bonus fact about the InGlam Cereamic Digital 1″ is that the MP3 Player works with or with plug, so you can use it even if the hair straightener isn’t in use. With a RRP of USD$149.98, we may be sticking with our tried and tested (and much loved) hair straightener, the Cloud Nine (which has yet to launch in the US) or it’s rival the ghd.

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  • Heather Forrester says:

    I love the inGlam straightener,My mom works at supercutts and she recently won the contest that everyone in the store won one, well my mom doesnt straighten her hair, and i do mine, i have curly and dead hair, when i use the inglam it transforms my hair to shiny and straight, something i had a hard time geting from my other straightner, and all while im listening to my faveorite hits,Ive only downloaded 40 songs on it, it states on the box that it hold 500 songs ,ill be sure to download that much,lol. Ithank u inglam for makeing this Thermal tool to its greatest advantage

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