Fail Whale designer does Anna Wintour and the Olsen Twins as QR codes

If you are a regular Twitter user, then at one time or another you will have encountered the “fail whale”. The famous illustration was created by Yiying Lu who was tasked by Meets Obsession Magazine to illustrate a story called ’10 Most Intriguing in Fashion’.

Lu brought together technology, fashion and art to create illustrations of the likes of Anna Wintour, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen and Terry Richardson. Each design incorporates a Quick Response (QR) code, which can be scanned with your smart phone to reveal a website address where readers can download free digital versions of Lu’s artwork to their desktops, iPhones, and iPads.

Cleverly camouflaged in a Wintour-esque print top, the QR code on Anna Wintour’s illustration is almost unnoticeable, while the QR code on the Olsen Twins illustration is in their oversized earrings. We couldn’t help but thing that oversized handbags would have been more appropriate.

“Lu is incredibly talented and we’re excited to have worked with her,” Jacqy Law, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief for Meets Obsession magazine said. “At Meets Obsession, we’re always thinking of unique and cutting-edge ways to present fashion to our readers. The illustrations will add a unique element to our inaugural issue and will allow us to interact with our readers in an innovative way.”

Featured in the inaugural Autumn/Winter 2011 issue of Meets Obsession Magazine, this was a clever way to include buzz factor and new technology into a launch. The other 7 illustrations will be revealed over the coming days, in the meantime check out the illustrations at