Christian Louboutin cover their shoes in trash

When Christian Louboutin aren’t busy suing people over the fact that they think they own the right to be the only ones to make shoes with a red sole, they’re turning their office trash into your treasures. Their newest Trash pumps have taken the eco friendly trend and turned their office rubbish into shoe decoration.

So the trash is pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled sticky notes, leftover sequins and fabric swatches left behind in their Paris atelier, but we’re not sure if we’d like our expensive shoes looking like a child’s art project during the summer holidays. After all I’m sure if you leave a child with some glue and a trash can in your shoe closet (if you were rich enough to have a shoe close full of Louboutin’s), I’m sure the child would help you create the same look.

Check out more photos on the Neiman Marcus blog.

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