I Spy: Havaianas and gumboots invaded Ascot Ladies Day

For me, Royal Ascot is the pinnacle of the horse racing scene – where Eliza Doolittle shows off her newfound poise and sense of fashion in My Fair Lady. But Havaianas have found a way to turn Ascot Ladies Day into a rubber affair, enlisting the help of British designer Fred Butler to create elaborate hats made out of rubber Havaianas flip flips for race goers to wear.

According to the release, it was a unique and eccentric display of Brazilian glamour to the most popular event in the horse-racing calendar. We wouldn’t call it glamour; instead the hats look more at home on a float during the Carnival in Rio. Hardly the beautiful imagery Royal Ascot was us to envisage.

What was interesting was the fact that the models Havaianas chose to wear their crazy hats chose to pair them with rubber gumboots instead of a pair of rubber flip flops…. with one of the girls even toting a Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy.

Images: Supplied by Havaianas