Australia’s Next Top Model Amanda Ware to bare it all for Chapstick

Chapstick’s, they have seen the insides of millions of handbags and even man bags. Now in celebration of their new tag line ‘Never Let Your Lips Go Naked’, Chapstick Australia have signed Australia’s Next Top Model winner Amanda Ware as the face (and body) of their new ad campaign. We say body because Ware will star in a series of cheeky ads wearing nothing but her Chapstick.

“I’m excited to work for a brand that I’ve grown up with,” Ware said in a release. “I’ve always been a fan of ChapStick. Even at the age of seven I was forever stealing my mum’s strawberry flavour, so it’s a brand I feel comfortable representing. I’m on the go a lot with work, so ChapStick is the perfect product to help keep my lips moisturised and healthy looking”.

This marks the first beauty endorsement deal the Cycle Six ANTM winner has signed since her won the reality TV modelling competition last year.

Not known for their celebrity endorsements, Chapstick experienced a bit of a revival when Katy Perry sung about a “cherry Chapstick” in her debut hit ‘I Kissed A Girl’. The first ChapStick was invented in the early 1880s, making it one of the oldest beauty brands still around today with a comprehensive range of lip balms and glosses that covers the classics, shimmers and flavoured options.

Chapsticks retail for AUD$3.95 in Australia and from USD$1.79 in America from Wallgreens. What a steal!

Stay tuned for more images of Amanda Ware going naked for Chapstick.

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  • winger says:

    Don’t you think Chapstick should have signed someone with bigger lips. OK, she’s cute, but when those suckers dry out, it serious business and so it selling lip balm!

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