Hairy Days: 5 new hair tools we’ve trialled recently

Once upon a time we use to have a very simple hair routine – wash, dry and brush. My hair influences really consisted of my mother using mousse during the 1990s (back when it left your hair nice and crunchy) and then in high school it was all about the Fudge hair colour products. That was probably the extent I really thought about my hair – besides trying to finding the perfect hairdresser for me here in Sydney (that is a whole other post entirely). Then one day in my early 20s a beauty obsessed friend introduced me to hair product, followed closely by a hair straightener and the rest they say is history.

Recently we have spent some time playing with some new hair care tools out in the market and felt that they needed to be spoken about. They are:

  • Schwarzkopf Magic Hair Extensions
  • BioIonic PowerLight Hair Dryer
  • ghd Gold Styler
  • ghd Tail Comb
  • ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush

Schwarzkopf Magic Hair Extensions, RRP AUD$44.95

To be honest, I didn’t think I would ever use hair extensions – my hair is naturally thick and my hairdresser always has to thin it out, so why do I need to add even more hair? Turns out I’m kind of a closet hair fiend. I blame the Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010 runway show (which featured a gorgeous side plait/braid on every model) for my new addiction to hair extensions because now I can make my hair long enough to recreate the look to a satisfactory level. All I have to do is clip, plait and go. Easy!

Schwarzkopf have made it so easy (and affordable) with their new range of Magic Hair Extensions – you get three strips of synthetic hair extensions (that feels really natural and soft) in each pack that can be washed and re-used over and over again (but don’t use heated styling tools on it). I’ve clipped in one set in the first photo – you can just see the extra length of the Dark Brown extensions peeking through. With six shades to choose from, there should be one to match your natural hair colour, or something to give you some great highlights and lowlights. Try it and become a addict convert too.

Bio Ionic PowerLight Hair Dryer, RRP AUD$199

(includes a Diffuser, 2 nozzles and a round brush – not pictured)

I use to think that all hair dryers were created pretty equal – except for my old one, which featured a retractable cord and the boasted about an iodising effect to help keep the hair smooth on the box. I’ve had the old-reliable for about 4 years until I tried the new Bio Ionic Black PowerLight Hair Dryer and as the tale goes, it kind of changed what I thought of hair dryers.

Now before you baulk at the price (which put into perspective, the premium Parlux hair dryer will set you back about the same amount, with less ‘extra’ accessories) let me give you a quick run-down of what it does in technical speak: The Powerlight boasts 1875W of airflow while Bio Iconic’s exclusive Nano-Ionic Mineral Technology renews, repairs and revitalises your hair. It does this through the Nano Beads compressed within the inner coils of the dryer to accelerate hydration and the speed of drying, while the Negative Nano Ions cleanse and deodorizes your hair to keep it static and frizz free.

Does it actually work? Well my hair blow dries faster (I pretty much just aim and dry with my head upside down) and the ends aren’t feeling dry after almost 3 months since my last haircut. The hair dryer is SUPER light and the cord is 9 feet long (2.74 metres) – but one of my favourite features is the cold lock button. I like to give my hair a blast of cold hair when it’s about 90% dry and with most hair dryers you have to keep your thumb pressed on the button. With the Powerlight, you press the cold-blast button and it ‘locks’ in your preference until you press the button it again. Thumb-saver!

I was going to film a (short) video to show just how quickly it dries your hair, but it’s not the prettiest sight – me aiming a hair dryer at my head. I’d definitely recommend the Bio Ionic PowerLight for any girl who spends more than 5 minutes drying their hair and like to blow dry their hair every time you wash it. It makes a difference, especially when you have to waste time and run a hair straightener through your hair after the blow dry. You may not need to after this – if your hair isn’t super curly.

ghd Gold Styler, RRP AUD$269

Did you hear? ghd have released a new line of hair straighteners! The Gold Styler is a step up from their IV Styler and we must say this release was welcomed with open arms. Undoubtedly the most well-known hair straightener brands on the market, ghd are taking on the competition with some upgraded features in their new styler. Our favourite new feature is the gold contoured ceramic plates which gave our hair a lovely glossy finish and the new protective guard cover. We can’t complain about the price drop or the chic detailing on the external design either.

Now if only we could look like Katy Perry after using it…

ghd Tail Comb & Natural Bristle Radial Brush

I have a confession to make – I’m a one brush kinda gal, the paddle brush and I have been best of friends since I was a little girl and had to start doing my own hair because my mother had to look after my newborn sister. But that was then and this is now. Now that I’ve been playing with hair extensions, I’ve found that I need a tail comb to separate my hair into sections and to tease the roots so the extensions clip in nicely and the ghd Tail Comb (RRP AUD$12) is perfect for that. Before it came into my life I wasn’t the most avid hair-sectioner. Did I mention the Tail Comb is also anti-static too which makes a world of difference?

We can also thank the hair extensions for my new found love the ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush (RRP AUD$$32-$34). It’s perfect for hair touch ups that leaves my hair looking soft and silky (which it doesn’t quite do in the top photo) and it’s so much easier to handle than my old paddle brush.

All products were sent to us for editorial consideration. All opinions are our own and we would not be talking about them if we wouldn’t purchase the products ourselves.

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