RAFW: A peek at Dion Lee & Josh Goot Spring/Summer 2011-12

This morning we were up bright and early for a little breakfast with Tiffany & Co – not a shabby start to the third day of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week when there is coffee from Tiffany-branded cups. With the Sydney Opera House in the background, it was the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous Tiffany Locks that were unveiled in all their glamour.

But what really caught our eye was two of the dresses styled with various pieces of Tiffany Locks pendant necklaces and bracelets – they were by Josh Goot and Dion Lee, both of whom have yet to show at RAFW.

We loved the structured Josh Goot collection with a beautiful abstract print and the gorgeous bright blue Dion Lee dress. Unseen by our camera was a back slit that really hit home the Dion Lee-feeling his garments usually have. Both were paired with gold and silver Tiffany & Co Locks, layered to creat the perfect accessory to the sophisticated designs.

Check out our previous coverage of the Tiffany’s Locks collection here.

Romy Frydman of StyleMeRomy.com co-hosting the event.

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  • Ntaalia Silva says:

    My husband got me a Tiffany’s engagement ring and I love the style of the dresses here too. Classy stuff. I wish I was somewhere other than in Maine though. Tiffany’s is so forward for here, even though it is the definition of classic, classy style.

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