First look: Rachel Bilson for Magnum Ice Cream by Karl Lagerfeld – Art Class

We have take 2 of Rachel Bilson and Baptiste Giabiconi stretching his acting muscle for Magnum Ice Cream in “Art Class”, the second in three short films Karl Lagerfeld directed for the launch of the ice cream in America.

In “Art Class”, Bilson as an art student obsessed by her strong desire for a Magnum ice cream bar, and is then inspired to create a beautiful work of art as she satisfies her craving. Surprisingly Lagerfeld favourite Giabiconi doesn’t play the male model everyone has to draw, instead he’s a fellow art class student who has a crush on Bilson and is drawing her instead of the mannequin. We find Giabiconi’s acting attempt in this film a little too contrived but that is hardly a hindrance to him, much thanks to Lagerfeld casting the model in almost everything he does.

Have you tried a Magnum Ice Cream yet because of the series of Karl Lagerfeld-directed short films?

Some screen captues from Magnum’s Art Class short film starring Rachel Bilson

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