Peeptoe Shoes: Christian Louboutin never told us to change our red soled shoes

Peeptoe Shoes: From Red Soles to Purple Soles

Peeptoe Shoes: From Red Soles to Purple Soles

Amid the saga that is Yves Saint Laurent vs Christian Louboutin in the case about the red sole heels, Australian shoe label Peeptoe Shoes have released a statement in regards to their change of sole colour in their heels from red to purple:

Contrary to media reports, Australia’s leading footwear and accessory brand PeepToe made the decision to change the colour of its shoe soles to purple at its own discretion in 2007.

PeepToe were not contacted by any party in relation to the colour of the shoes’ soles. Rather, due to the rapid expansion and popularity of the brand, the change to purple soles was made as part of a rebranding exercise and the colour was chosen to represent the brand as it stood out in the marketplace and was well received by customers.

Interesting timing by Peeptoe Shoes, as their name has come up in a few media reports, including on as a label that had once sported red soles on their shoes (mostly peeptoed in style at the time).

The red sole of the original Peeptoe Shoes helped them cement their popularity in Australia as the rise in cult status of the Christian Louboutin brand was on the fast elevator up thanks to their large and loyal celebrity following. Of course it helped that Peeptoe Shoes retailed at about a quarter of the Louboutin heels.

In recent years, Peeptoe Shoes have carved out a nice section of the accessories market for themselves thanks to women buying shoes and bags for events at their stores, representatives from the brand told me at an event we both attended recently, helping them to expand into an eighth boutique in Melbourne soon. No other Australian shoe brand has seen such a speedy and successful entry into the local market in the last few decades (if ever), so they must be doing something right!

In recent news, YSL have filed court documents claiming that Christian Louboutin did not invent the red sole idea but stores in America have pulled the offending YSL heels from their shelves.

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