RAFW 2011-12: Before the show with ghd

ghd Hair Director Alan White at work at RAFW 2010

ghd Hair Directory Alan White at work at RAFW 2010

We all know about the glamour and the glitz that goes on at a fashion show, but what about before the show? We speak to various industry experts about what it takes to do their job in the lead up to Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011-12.

Known for their hair knowledge, ghd has always teamed up amazing hair directors Alan White, Renya Xydis, Sophie Roberts and Jayne Wild to create looks for fashion shows around Australia. We spoke to ghd‘s PR to learn more about what they went through in the lead up to the shows the Romance Was Born (White), Kirrily Johnston (Xydis), Lover (Roberts), Dion Lee (Roberts) and Manning Cartell (White) shows this year.

Trend Watching

Keeping up to date with the latest hair cut and style trends as well as runway looks from international fashion weeks including London and New York.

Creative Meeting

Hair director meets with the designers to discuss the collection and their ideas for a hair look. The designers often bring visuals along to assist with the process.


The hair director then goes away to do some research and gather inspiration for the look. They will trial the looks with their teams before presenting their ideas to the designers.

Hair Trial

Hair director meets with the designers to trial the hair look on a few models. This is a chance for the team to try a few options until the designers are happy with the overall look.

Stylist Recruiting

ghd will call upon the top styling teams and assistants from ghd salons accross the country to recruit a backstage team that will work with the hair director. The ghd Education team also work tirelessly to organise product to be delivered, styling capes, mirror stickers and other backstage branding.


The styling teams arrive backstage, armed with their ghd stylers. The hair director will brief the team, often with photos of the final hair look, then it’s time to get styling before the show kicks off. Once the models are dressed and ready to go, a few last minute hair touch ups are often required.

But wait!

Just when you think the hair look is finalised, something always changes at the last minute! Whether the designers suddenly change their mind, or the hair director has another spark of brilliance… sometimes the look may be changed all together just before it hits the runway.

ghd followed around Sophie Roberts for 10 days before RAFW 2010 and compiled this little video. It gives us fantastic insight into how a simple hairstyle we see for 10 – 15 minutes on the runway take a lot longer to create than we think.


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