Manolo Blahnik x Tous, the Mary-Jane charms

Earlier this year we told you that Manolo Blahnik had teamed up with TOUS, a Spanish jewelry brand (with Jennifer Lopez as their current face), to create the Manolo Blaknik Mary Jane charm. And now they’re available to buy! Available in gold and sterling silver, you can buy them as a necklace charm or miniature pair. Prices range from $155 to $1,499 for the 18k Gold version with a diamond on the buckle.

Also known as the Manolo Blahnik Campari Mary Janes – as seen in the office of Vogue in that episode of Sex and the City – we think these will sell like hotcakes so get in quick! Each charm comes in a minature Manolo Blahnik-style shoe box.

“I love TOUS because I feel we have many things in common,” Manolo said when the news was announced. “We are family-runned businesses, we share Spanish roots and we are both keen on surprising and innovating.”

Snap one up now at now.


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