Julia Restoin Roitfeld stars in The Crush remake with boyfriend Robert Konjic

Julia Restoin Roitfeld in Crush

Julia Restoin Roitfeld with boyfriend Robert Konjic in Crush

First of all, we have never seen the 1993 film The Crush (starring Alicia Silverstone) but when we heard that Julia Restoin Roitfeld was starring in a remake of it in short-fashion-film-form, we thought we’d love it. The girl is amazing, how could we not love anything she’s a part of? Or so we thought.

Created for issue 3 of XXXX Magazine and directed by the magazine’s creator and photographer Indira Cesarine, the official synopsis calls the short film: A subversive tale of suspense and passion as the glamorous Julia realizes she’s being stalked by her driver, but realizes she is also in love with him.

The idea behind the video and the pairing a real-life couple should have been a recipe for success given that Issue 3 of XXXX Magazine is the Voyeur issue, but the sexual tension was hardly palpable as Restoin Roitfeld pouts for the camera but not once does she seem to be thinking of her sexy driver. The film lacked direction and acting skills and we weren’t the only ones who were sorely dissapointed.

According to Fashion Copious, even Cesarine doesn’t think her turn as director was any good:

Apparently my short fashion film with Julia Roitfeld is an absolute horror, and I should commit fashion suicide before making another film – what do you think? have I dug my own grave daring to try to be a director, or are they just being extremely bitchy? maybe it’s time to become a happy housewife and forget about this ***%$%^#$%^ business…

Watch it if you dare, but we do suggest Restoin Roitfeld stick to modeling and creative direction and Cesarine to stick with photography and magazine curation – as you can see from the screen captures below, it would have made for a stunning photoshoot. But as a short film… the whole thing fell flat.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld in The Crush for XXXX Magazine with boyfriend Robert Konjic

Screencaptures from The Crush


  • Claire Roberts says:

    The video doesn’t work!

  • Simon says:

    The attack on the director is slightly unfair – the ‘response’ was actually just a comment on her own personal Facebook page for friends or family, the fact that people are taking it as a serious statement and criticising her like this is harsh. Sure the film may not have been great but people still don’t seem to understand it is just a fun fashion film. Plus it looks great in the magazine issue and looking further into it there are some other really cool films in there. I like it!

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