Shopbop launches their Wedding Boutique

One of my good friends and I are currently not happy campers. We know one too many people getting engaged or married in the next 12 months. Not only does that mean dashing in store to buy the “affordable” things on the bridal registry, but also what do we wear?

Well short of spending at least $500+ per wedding, I’m stalking ShopBop’s new Wedding Boutique. Not only is it full non-poofy/wedding cake-style weddding dresses, it has a beautiful selection of bridesmaid dresses (which think would work great as attendee-wear too). Oh and they have the little touches to finishes off a bridal party look too, from shoes to lingerie and accessories with gift ideas. Handy.

“We really feel that becoming a wedding resource to our customers is the right move, especially when we see so many amazing styles out there that often make us stop and say, ‘wouldn’t that make a gorgeous bridal gown or bridesmaid dress?'” says Kate Ciepluch, Shopbop’s Fashion Director. “We have a strong inclination that our girl wants to wear something that provides her with fashion and quality, yet also wants a cool alternative to department stores or bridal shops.”

Check it out now!