Tried and tested: Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Range

Tried & Tested,’s Helen Lee tests some new beauty products on the market.

What we tried:

  • Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Mist with VitaBrightKX, 100ml, RRP $55 AUD
  • Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Essence with VitaBrightKX, 30ml, RRP $80 AUD
  • Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Night Treatment with VitaBrightKX, 40ml, RRP$70 AUD

Late last year I were invited to a very lovely breakfast launch for Jurlique’s new Purely White Skin Brightening range. Now before I get ahead of ourselves, I have to point out that this is a skin brightening range, not a whitening range. And that the collection is one of the few natural skin brightening alternatives on the market. You could argue that the collection is only 95 – 97% natural, but you do need preservatives in the product to keep it from going off. Unless you want to keep the product stored in the fridge.

Jurlique’s Purely White Collection is a 5 piece collection that claims to have anti-ageing benefits (just a pleasant side effect discovered during extensive testing on Asian and Caucasian skin) and its key natural brightening active ingredients are: Kakadu Plum Extract, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract and Ascorbyl Glucoside. Other natural actives include Licorice Root, Black Elder and Willow Bark.

I chose the three products above to test because 1) we have combination skin, and most creams and lotions give us a nice oily sheen by midday, but that’s not a problem while we’re sleeping. 2) It’s recommended that we use those three products together (along with the skin brightening cleanser, which we didn’t use).

Our regime:
After cleansing our skin we used the Skin Brightening Mist, followed by the Skin Brightening Essence (patted on to the face), and then the Skin Brightening Night Treatment (pressed on to the face).

Our thoughts:
It was more of a routine then I am used to, but I wanted our freckles to fade away a little and my uneven skin tone to even out a bit – if possible. I loved that it was a natural product, but were worried that my skin may be too oily for it.

I managed to keep up the night time routine for about a week and a half before I started forgetting every second or third night. That was until a co-worked asked us what make up/skin care we were using because our skin seemed brighter. It was a “Yay! It works” moment for me (especially since the friend is a beauty industry expert), but with my skin type and the growing humidity of a Sydney summer, I was starting to notice my skin was not happy with the layers of product on it at night. On that note, I didn’t like the fact that I woke up in the morning and my skin was a bit shinier than normal. I didn’t notice a huge difference in the colour of the freckles on my face, but if I wanted stronger results, I would have tried the whole range and used it religiously as a regime.

Another opinion:
I gave the Day Cream to a friend to test while we were doing this, and she has normal to dry skin. And she loved the light texture, allowing her the chance to layer it with a SPF 30+ day cream and wear makeup with it. She hasn’t tried it long enough to report back any results, though she was considering purchasing the Essence.

Definitely a great natural range of skin brightening products that work. It claims that in 30 days (we only tried it for about 3 weeks) 75% of clinical evaluation participants observed a reduction in dark spots and 80% of users observed smoother, younger looking skin – if they used all five products together and followed the reigime.

Jurlique have done well with their packaging but the price takes their range into a whole new price bracket here in Australia. But with their huge Asian fan/customer base, it should do well. I will keep using the Essence and Mist, but probably not the Night Treatment unless I am overseas in a less humid environment where my skin actually needs the extra moisture boost at night.

Check out the collection at now.

Disclaimer: We were given this product to review.