Hermes makes iPad2 cases that cost more than the tablet itself

One of my pet peeves is Apple and their “authorised” accessories. They are expensive. Fair enough they have to endorse an accessory before it can officially be called an “iPad case”, but sometimes the accessories are almost half the price of the item you’re buying it for.

Now in a rather extreme case, Cnet are reporting that French fashion house Hermes has created two cases for the new Apple iPad2 that costs more than the iPad2 itself. Both are made from the finest calfskin leather and embossed with the Hermes logo, but what is so special about them? Not much. The Hermes Swift (above left) is pretty much a slip case that retails at USD$820 while the Hermes Station (above right) is a folder like cover that doubles as a iPad stand. This one retails at USD$1,400.

Ouch. Fashion is excessive sometimes isn’t it?

Ed’s note: We actually have never purchased anything Apple… accessories or otherwise.