Vivienne Westwood designs t-shirts for Red Nose Day; Sienna Miller models

Vivienne Westwood t-shirts from £5.99 to £14.99? Yes please! And proceeds go to the Red Nose Day appeal? Where do I sign up!

Now if only we lived in the UK, because together with TK Maxx, Vivienne Westwood has given the likes of Marie Antoinette (though officially, the print is called a ‘Louis XVI Lady’) and William Shakespeare a red nose on a collection of printed t-shirts she’s designed for Comic Relief‘s Red Nose Day on March 18, 2011. And celebrities have come out to lend a hand with the likes of Sienna Miller, Helena Christensen and Sophie Dahl modelling for photographs taken by Bryan Adams.

Vivienne Westwood said “I once did a collection called ‘I am Expensiv’, meaning that we are supported by the suffering of the whole world in our privilege bubbles and we must try and help people a bit. Comic Relief does a lot and I try to help where I can. I do believe we are an endangered species and I think it is great to try and do anything you possibly can even if to help just one person. But Comic Relief does more than that.”

We love that Westwood has fused humour into these historical images for charity. Combining that with the fact that the t-shirts have been wholly manufactured in Africa, made from 100% Fairtrade certified organic cotton… it’s a pretty eco-friendly and charitiable t-shirt to buy. It’s almost wrong if you don’t buy one. So if you’re in the UK, what are you waiting for? Get on to it!