The tale of two Tom Ford’s: the designer and the Mr Porter PR

We love Tom Ford and we also love that Net-A-Porter is expanding into menswear with Mr Porter. But it seems Tom Ford the company are not loving Mr Porter. Why? Because the yet-to-be-launched online store with impeccable branding, service and most importantly, fashion, has a staffer whose name also happens to be Tom Ford too and some people who’ve been contacted by him thought that Tom Ford the designer was working for Mr Porter.

Coincidence? Surely the clever folks at Mr Porter / Net-A-Porter would have considered it could be a problem (or provide a giggle or two), but Tom Ford the designer and the company are not happy and released the following statement.

‘Recently we have received calls from the press as well as calls from individuals regarding correspondence that they have received from the on line retail website ‘Mr. Porter’ signed by a person named Tom Ford. Please note that neither Tom Ford, the Designer, nor TOM FORD, the fashion brand, has any involvement whatsoever in Mr. Porter and that any correspondence received from Mr. Porter has no relation to Tom Ford, the Designer, or TOM FORD, the fashion brand.’

So I guess Tom Ford the fashion brand will not be stocked on Mr Porter then?

[Via Grazia]

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