Helena Christensen back in front of the lens for Caractere’s Spring 2011 ad campaign

These days we tend to see more of Helena Christensen‘s photography than we do of the stunning Danish supermodel, but Italian fashion label Caractere have managed to lure her back in front of the camera for their Spring 2011 ad campaign. Photographed by Guy Aroch, the photoshoot took place in July 2010 in New York City.

Entitled ‘At Home with Helena Christensen’ the campaign shows off her relaxed beauty as the face of a brand who has always been represented by women with “exceptional personalities” as they see their ad campaigns as “testimonials with character”. Past ‘pesonalities’ include the likes of Inés Sastre, Carla Bruni, Esther Canadas, Valeria Mazza and Eugenia Silva.

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