First look: Kirsten Dunst for Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir, and a look behind the scenes!

As we mentioned earlier this month, Kirsten Dunst is the face of BVLGARI’s newest fragrance, Mon Jasmin Noir. And we love the idea of the two teaming up and we have your first look right here!

According to the release, the campaign is inspired by Bulgari’s Mediterranean Eden theme: an imaginary place where history, fantasy, and dreams combine. A paradise immersed in warm amber light that transforms a classical 16th century Italian-style garden into an almost imaginary setting full of enchantment and seduction.

We love the subtle elegance of the campaign against the rawness of a (real) lion – which also happens to be one of the most distinctive symbols of the Bulgari style. But what else do you expect from the photography team of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot? We can’t wait to see what the fragrance smells like either.

Behind the scenes of the BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir photoshoot
with Kirsten Dunst and a lion

UPDATE: A Short Film and Behind the Scenes Video

Images supplied by Bulgari


  • Gurov says:

    Simply stunning! The jewels are amazing!

  • MyKinKStar says:

    No, No, NO! People need to STOP using and abusing animals like this! They are not toys; props; or things to be hauled around for mall photo ops or advertizing campaigns.

    Please it’s irresponsible and leads too many to believe they are not dangerous or entitled to live their life naturally. This is just wrong.

    We know better.

  • Diane Gustafson says:

    Bulgari has shown once again their indifference to the rash of private ownership of exotics. By showing this actress with a lion, be it a photo shopped one or not, it shows the public that owning and exotic cat is not only acceptable but perfectly natural.

    Bulgari, stop using animals for your photo shoots. Leave them in their natural habitats where the belong. Shame on you all for using them as props for your ads – they are not yours to use, abuse, or exploit as you do.

  • WhiskeyJack says:

    I’m glad to see here getting some more exposure, she really is a great actress. As for the animal rights folks…

    People either animals are going to be used by humans, or there going to “displaced” as in gotten rid of. It doesn’t really take a large amount of people with automatic weapons to wipe out a species.

    So either your choice is to let the public continue to enjoy animals as part of our culture, or release them while singing “born free” into the loving arms of those who would happily slaughter them for a few pelts.

  • Justin says:

    Let’s not be stupid people. Both lions used in these photos are obviously stuffed. The lion in the lying pose has a rope for dragging it into position and their poses and expression are stone. There is no private ownership issue here except for it being ownership of a stuffed trophy animal, you should be complaining about hunting if you plan on being so high and mighty. Use your eyes.

    In general however, kudos to the photographer for using stuffed animals, photoshop and a ton of makeup to actually making Kirsten Dunst look attractive. That is quite a feat.

  • Lauren says:

    Amazing campaign, love love love Kirsten in it. Stunning!

  • luiz Carlos says:

    Se observar bem a mão não está ampliada ou esticada. Uma parte do tecido da saia é que cria essa confusão. Podem observar que o polegar tem um tamanho proporcional a outra mão. Um pedaço do vestido está levantado que dá a impressão que a mão começa ali. É ilusão de ótica.

  • Ruth says:

    We need to be mindful of what these ad campaigns encourage people to aspire to. I am not in favour of using exotic animals in advertising, it encourages people to own and accept that wild animals should be owned and used as props.
    I think we need to be more responsible. It is not as if we have a great track record with protecting our wildlife, and we need to realise this advertising has an effect whether we choose to believe it or not!

  • MakoMew says:

    Amazing. OMG!!! Kirsten is fabulous, really beautiful. She is perfect to the comercial. I hope that she repeat next year. The fragrance it´s so…sweet and little bit wild.

  • rob says:

    I really don’t see how this encourages people to own exotic animals. The Lion I’m sure would rather be in the wild, yes, but it is not, and probably now could not be released back because it was raised in captivity for all I know. At this point, I am glad he gets to lounge around beautiful women instead of jumping through hoops in the circus. This is obviously just a fantasy photo shoot though, not anything remotely based in reality. Animal rights people have their heart in the right place but they often bark up irrelevant trees.

  • reiko says:

    I’m gonna take a whiff of the perfume and see whether it suits me or not..but overall the ad looks amazing. As long as the lion weren’t ‘forced’ or abused, I think I’m okay with it. It is fine art. But if there’s cruelty involved, then screw the brand. I’m calling PETA!

  • vanessa says:

    Really awesome ad campaigne. I like this style and good quality. Truly sensual photos, which are full of emotions. Fantastic design of frames.

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