Elle Macpherson hits the runway for Virgin Blue’s new uniform unveiling

Westfield Sydney was a buzz this morning that a supermodel was in town, and not just any supermodel. The Body, aka Elle Macpherson flew in (on a Virgin jet plane) to headline the launch of the new Virgin Blue uniforms. The Australian branch of the airline giant had also enlisted the help of Project Runway Australia season 2 winner Julie Grbac who designed the striking red and royal purple uniforms.

The event was kicked off in style by GQ Australia editor Nick Smith going through the introductions before 60 Virgin Blue employees – air hostesses, pilots and service staff – took to the runway. The crowd cheered when the men strutted their stuff and the most popular outfit (aside from Elle) was the female pilots uniform. Elle was decked out in what looked like a female pilot uniform (minus the jacket) with her trademark curls and aviator sunglasses on. She looked every inch a supermodel pilot with attitude to boot.

In the postshow chat with Smith, Macpherson revealed that she was supposed to be joined by Virgin’s Richard Branson but he couldn’t attend due to his skiing accident earlier this year. She lauded his efforts to promote local talents by using Grbac as a designer instead of a British counterpart and said she was looking forward to catching up with her family while she was down as her father had been quite ill lately. The crowd empathised as they listed to her every word, almost as if in awe of the Australian supermodel and business women.

So what about the uniforms? Well Grbac revealed that she took her inspiration from “the glamour of flying in the 1960s” in what we assume may have been a little Mad Men inspired after all Don Draper ended the latest season in LA with his family.

“I took inspiration from the glamour of flying in the 1960s and gave it a contemporary edge to fit Virgin Blue’s new brand positioning,” Grbac said in a release. “I worked closely with Virgin Blue to create the ultimate design that would not only look sophisticated and have that wow factor, but be comfortable and of superior quality.”

And we must admit, as fair as airline uniforms go, the red and purple looks great on the runway teamed with the gorgeous MAC Red lipstick. Elle looked effortlessly stunning and boy does she know how to command a crowd!

UPDATE: While these uniforms may have looked great on the runway, airline crew who have to wear it every day have complained of the uniforms causing rash and being extremely uncomfortable [News.com.au]

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