Naomi Campbell buys herself good publicity for £5,000

Naomi Campbell is never far from bad publicity, the supermodel has been in court more times that you can count these last few years (and is due to make another appearance this week). So it comes as no surprise that after dinner at Nobu and drinks at the Whisky Mist bar in London with Cameron Diaz, Naomi reportedly left a £5,000 tip for the waitress. An eyewitness told Metro that “the waitress was absolutely shocked. She didn’t know what to think or say. She was totally stunned by Naomi’s generous thank you.” I would have thought any publicity is good publicity in Naomi’s case, though I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s just a ploy to create a generous persona – or she mistakenly wrote a few extra zero’s when she signed the bill. Cynical, us? [Taletela]