Firenze4Ever 2nd Edition: Day 2 – the styling session

Are you ready for this jelly? Because LuisaViaRoma is too bootylious for you babe.

Cheesy, but that’s kind of how I felt going into Day 2 of my Firenze4Ever experience. It was styling day, and to be honest, while I love the written word and putting together outfits for myself, I wouldn’t call myself a stylist by any means. I have done styling in the past for an Australian women’s magazine, but I was always given a brief and the shoots were never very fashion forward.

I needed to take things up a notch, after all it’s not every day one gets to play with clothes that retails in the thousands of dollars worth.

But luckily I had a fabulous assistant Sam, an amazing model Seo (who is obviously Asian – like myself) but spoke such perfect Italian I kind of hated her, and Giacomo Belluomini as my photographer. Oh and Aveda on hand for hair and make up.

So my day started with me coughing like a mad woman, to discover when I Skyped with friends in Australia that my voice was disappearing. Great, just what I need when there is already a small language barrier (luckily, everyone on the LuisaViaRoma team spoke perfect English). Luckily I had already pre planned my outfit (a blue Willow skirt, Forever 21 top, Saba jacket and my Dolce Vita thigh high boots) so I pulled it all on and walked to the LuisaViaRoma store. That was one thing I loved about Florence, everything was within walking distance, I didn’t have to muddle about trying to figure out how to use public transport!

Once I got there I grabbed some lunch and tried not to talk too much so I didn’t complete every sentence with a raspy cough – how antisocial of me, I know – followed by a quick browse of the store to check out all the goodies. I had already decided that my ‘story’ was going to be a day to night theme, of a girl in Florence (a much chicer and not sick version of myself). So original, but hey, it’s got to be personal right?

What did the finished result look like? Stay tuned to find out! Meanwhile, here’s some shots I took around the store. Check out the view from the terrace rooftop we got to shoot from, the stunning window display outside the LuisaViaRoma store, and of course the craziness inside the boutique.

Note: was invited to Florence by LuisaViaRoma to take part in their Firenze4Ever Blogger Event and were not paid/is under no obligation to blog about the event.

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  • Mary says:

    I can’t wait to see the results! The behind the scenes images really show off how beautiful Florence is. I want to visit Florence now, and Luisaviaroma!

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