Thursday Friday’s Together bag is a canvas Hermes Birkin

An email arrived in my inbox with the subject line: $35 bag with a 3 month waiting list. That $35 bag is by a brand called Thursday Friday and their Together bag is the bag in question. Why is a canvas tote getting so many orders? Well it could have something to do with the Hermes Birkin-esque print on each side of the bag – include the sides and base. Created by Thursday Friday because:

We realized we were using the shopping bags as proxy accessories and wanted to take them a step further, to have the bag itself declare what’s going on. So we ended up with a surreal design that references luxury but ultimately works as easily as your favorite jeans.

We’ll say it, the surreal design that “references luxury” is more than just a case of referencing the iconic Hermes Birkin bag but admittedly it’s a kind of novel idea.

Would you add your name to the waiting list for a $35 canvas tote?

For your hard earned $35 you’ll snatch up a canvas bag that is fully lined with an inner patch pocket – that bears more than a striking appearance to a handbag that usually sets people back more than tens of thousands of dollars with a much longer wait.

UPDATE Feb 1, 2011: As we suspected, Thursday Friday are being sued by Hermes for:

“simply riding on the reputation and recognition of the Birkin Bag to sell its otherwise generic tote bags. In so doing, Defendant is creating confusion among the public and is putting Plaintiff’s reputation at risk.”

And if one of the comments below is correct, their customer service isn’t top notch either.


  • Fahionista NYC says:

    Loved Together bags! Simple and wonderful idea 🙂 Want one right away 🙂

  • carol cabrera says:

    please , email me when you have this merchandise ready i love this bag I need 3, 3 different colors , thanks

  • penny lockhart says:

    Please email me when I can buy one I love it!!

  • Sheila Prescott says:

    So love the bag would love to buy 2 one for me and my friend would look so good when shopping on my hols in venice please email me when i can purchase them many thanks xxx

  • Lesley Graham says:

    Looks Fab, Let me know when available to purchase

  • Lesley Graham says:

    Looks Fab, Please lets know when available to purchase.

  • Joanna Carlson says:

    23 days and still no arrival. Contacted customer service and they were rude. Had to file a PayPal dispute. Jerks.

  • Shari says:

    Yep! You betcha. I LOVE this bag. Such an innovative idea. Come Hermes….don’t you make enough money? Let us little people have some fun too!

  • Karen says:

    Do not order from this company, they charge your card and you never receive the product or any response. Am taking up through Amex

  • simon says:

    Same situation. They have a great fashion item, but lousy business ethics. Thankfully PayPal is resolving my dispute.

  • Mars says:

    Did anyone actually received the bag? I have been waiting a while and nothing.

  • Kathleen says:

    I did finally receive the bags I ordered in January, this week, March 4.
    I inquired SEVERAL times with the same response from”Maya” a quip referring to a promise date that came and went several times. Customer service lacking, a young group obviously that are ignorant to common business ethics. They charged my card right away, and were not forthcoming with accurate information. No one EVER answered the telephone.
    I would not order again!

  • anonda says:

    once (if) i get my 2 bags, i’ll never order again. i’m not even sure i can get my money back as the 45 days is up to dispute through paypal and i paid w/ my visa debit (never doing that again). i’ve emailed 3 times and i’ve received vague answers as to the whereabouts of my bag each time. i ordered the fuchsia and red. the fuchsia was supposed to be limited edition and was NOT on backorder, and i expected to receive that right away. of course i didn’t and i wonder if they’re going to come back with some lame excuse about being out of the fuchsia bags. i can understand a waiting list, but if you provide customers with a time frame, and if that time frame is pushed back due to production, then you need to let them know in a professional manner. i think most people are upset because they were left hanging about their bags while ThuFri continued to post fashion articles on their facebook and carry on normal when people have paid for bags that they’ve never been updated about. at this point i think they need to stop taking order and close the waitlist to catch up with the orders customers have placed MONTHS ago.

  • Laura Changala says:

    I’m in the same boat as so many here. I ordered the bags back in Jan. and i am still yet to get anything in the mail. The company has so much to learn about business ethics and responsible trading. Like others, I too ‘kept the faith’ for too long, the deadline to file a paypal dispute has passed and still I have no bags. Where possible I like to lend my support to start- up and young designers, but this case has left me with a bad tast in my mouth. I sure do hope that they stop getting so much press attention I would be even more sad if others were to be left in a similar situation to me. One thing is for sure… I won’t be supporting this company any further.

  • atn1944 says:

    Anyone that does business with ThuFri is a fool. I placed my order in Jan. 2011. I have sent them numerous emails requesting the status of my order. All I get is a
    bunch of excuses. I finally decided to cancel my order and requested that they credit my account. It’s been a week and still no credit. This is a scam

  • Mariel Rodriguez says:

    I loveeee this! Saw a girl wearing it at my new job orientation and am obsessed…

    Please let me know where i can buy this, I neeeeeed it!

  • Jamie Steele says:

    Hi I placed a order a fdew months ago, (im looking for my email with the confirmation) I ordered 5 bags i think.. wondering if I am going to receive them soon?

    Thank you

  • Jamie says:

    sorry thought i was writing to the company… just emailed them regarding my purchase. It has been 4 months and no bags… i dont have time to chase these people…

  • Kathy says:

    Ordered mine Feb 20th, it’s scheduled to ship next week. My two email inquiries were answered promptly.

  • ai guan says:

    Please please email me asap and most likelly want all colors

  • Amanda says:

    I would Love this in Pink and Green Please ~ E mail asap

  • cotton says:

    are these bags still available?

  • Helene Jolley says:

    Ordered and paid for mine in April. Got a confirmation e-mail and further sales e-mails, but no bag. Guess we’re all in the same boat.

  • Helene Jolley says:

    Ordered and paid for mine in April. Got confirmation e-mail and further sales e-mails, but no bag. Guess we’re all in the same boat.

  • Beulah Giberson says:

    Ordered bag in April – was told several different times it would be shipped and didn’t receive it. After numerous emails they asked me if I wanted to cancel the order and I said yes – they said they would credit my credit card which they never did. I finally contacted my credit card company and asked them to resolve the dispute and not pay them. I did this rather than wait for the time limit on getting a credit card company involved to run out – I think they were just stringing me along hoping the time to get my credit card company would run out. My credit card company is now dealing with them which takes 6-8 weeks. I did again receive an email saying my purse was being shipped this week but have yet to receive it. This purse can’t be worth this. Never order from a company who has no phone number, takes your money and doesn’t send the product, doesn’t give you cancellation numbers. This company seems to be running some sort of scam or they are just a really lousey customer service related company. Give your business to a company that deserves it.

  • Lynda says:

    I recieved my bags yesterday (7/13) — I ordered them in February. Worst business ethic, customer service, etc. “Maya” must be the only employee. They also give you the run around in every email response to the inquiry. I would NEVER do biz with them again EVER.

  • Carol Chin says:

    Please email me instructions so I can purchase the Hermes Canvas Birkin. Thank you.

  • Merelann Cherry says:

    need 4 bags 2 red 2 blue canvas birkin

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