Mulberry Tillie, the next IT bag after the Alexa?

Mulberry’s Emma Hill is in Sydney next week, and to say we’re more than excited to be sharing the same space as her at a garden party next week is a little of an understatement – we’re mentally compiling questions for her as we speak. So in our research efforts we couldn’t help but come across a piece in the Guardian where Hill said that in 2011, “it’ll be all about the Mulberry Tillie. She’s the new Alexa.” What is this Tillie? It’s no unlike the Alexa, with a more vintage satchel/briefcase style appeal. The Guardian calls it a ‘mid-sized, boxy-shaped, soft leather bag which builds on the utilitarian-luxe feel of the Alexa and moves it on slightly.’

I must say I’m not overly impressed, being a long time (well 12 months or so) Mulberry Alexa admirer. But never fear, according to Hill the Alexa will still be available in a variety of prints, shapes and even a camera bag. We love. But if you like the Mulberry Tillie, it will be priced at 600 – 700 pounds and will be available instores in January 2011.