Vivienne Westwood redesigns the Brit award trophy

She’s known as the fashion designer who brought in the punk era into fashion and her long time partner Malclom McLaren was the manager of the Sex Pistols. So it’s fitting that the Dame of British Fashion, Dame Vivienne Westwood, was asked to redesign the trophy for the Brit Awards. From the recently unveiled sketches, we can see Westwood has added a much more colourful flair (right statue) to the old silver statue (left statue) – which is just one of a few initiatives the Brit Awards are set to implement for their annual music awards night. “We are honoured she accepted our offer of designing 2011’s trophy,” said Brits chairman David Joseph. “[Westwood] stands for all the things we want to inspire in tomorrow’s generation of artists”.

No word on when the official design will be unveiled in its full solid 3D glory, but the 2011 Brit Awards will be held in London on February 15, 2011. [BBC]