Video: Kate Moss visits Coty to watch the production of Vintage Muse

It’s been 2 months since Kate Moss‘ latest fragrance Vintage Muse hit shelves around the world in September, but it’s taken this long for images to come out of Moss visiting the Coty factory in Granollers near Barcelona in Spain to watch the fragrance from off the production line. In the accompanying video (below) we learn that about 60 bottles come off the production line a minute (24 hours a day), while Kate claims she “would not leave the house without a fragrance on – for sure”. Moss was joined at Coty by the factory’s director Patrick Bourque, the plant manager Joan Castan, and the ‘nose’ behind Vintage Muse, Frank Völkl.

It seemed to be a rather productive visit with Moss and Völkl filming a series of interviews about their creative process and the Warhol inspired black and white image. Musk was reportedly central to Vintage Muse due to Moss’ preference to the scent. The Coty factory visit was completed with a group photo with the factory team and the signing of the first Vintage Muse bottles off the production line.

Kate Moss at the Coty factory in Granollers

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