MAC to launch Marcel Wanders in Australia – our hands on experience

We’ve always admire the folks at MAC, for their pursuit of the perfect make up products as well as their efforts into helping others who are less than fortunate (their MAC Aids Fund, headlined by their VIVA Glam range has been around since 1994). So I was more than thrilled when their Australian PR asked me out for breakfast, so I could meet her and their fabulous Senior Make up Artist Nicole Thompson who I’ve watched on Twitter as she tweeted her way around the world.

It turns out MAC had another motive too, to show me their latest yet-to-be-released in Australia collection called Marcel Wanders. Like any other MAC (and make up junkie) I was cooing like a baby over the chess-like shape of the individual range. Who needs bling bling packaging when you have pieces of art that will make your dressing table stand out?

In partnership with the Dutch industrial designer Marcel Wanders (also known as one of the designers for Droog) the MAC collection oozing his signature monochrome style with an utilitarian cool.

“As a company I feel we have to explore every avenue of design,” explains James Gager, Senior Vice President and Creative Director, MAC Cosmetics. “When choosing MAC partnerships it’s important that there is an authentic synergy and similar philosophy shared between the brands. We are, after all, Make-up Art Cosmetics so there has to be a strong artistic association to feel it’s the perfect match. I’m always asking the question ‘Is it artful enough to be MAC?'”

“We simply told him [Wanders] the products we wanted in the collection and asked him to come back to us with his vision,” confirms Gager. “I didn’t want to put restrictions on Marcel, it’s important that our collaborators approach a project from a fresh perspective.”

And of course the result is a fresh take on cosmetic packaging that goes beyond what their competitors have on their shelves. Sure sleek black lines have been done before, but these collector items wouldn’t look out of place on a coffee table or mantle pieces as well as on your dressing table.

Which piece did we love best? It’s a tossup between the face shimmer, the solid perfume and the mascara. So we had to trial one!

Tried and tested: MAC’s Marcel Wanders False Lashes Mascara, AUD RRP$42

Our initial thoughts: Love the packaging, love the idea of getting the illusion of false lashes with a mascara. The brush looked like packed a lot of product on it, which would either equal a lot of clumpy lashes or a lot of beautiful long lashes.

So we tried it and here’s the photographic evidence.

As you can tell, our lashes aren’t super long or thick so we followed Nicole’s instructions to start from the base of the lashes and wriggle the mascara up towards the tips (actually, you should do this when applying any mascara). Then it’s the same thing for the other eye before coming back for a second coat. I usually don’t apply a second coat of mascara, but when an expert says to do it apply two coats, you apply two coats.

And it made a huge difference. The lashes you didn’t notice in the ‘before’ photo appeared as if out of nowhere (ok, they didn’t come out of no where, they were just too fine to see). My only slight complaint is that my lashes were clumping a little – nothing a quick eyelash brush couldn’t fix though.

As for the other pieces we loved the laser detail on the Marcel Wanders Sheer Mystery Powder (AUD RRP$95) and we adored the Marcel Wanders Air of Style Scent Concentrate solid perfume (AUD RRP$60) on a chain to wear as a bracelet or necklace. It’s pretty floral scent is perfect for spring in Australia. For you perfume buffs out there, officially its notes are:

Top Note: White Pepper, Dried Red Dates, Wild Peonies
Middle Notes: Tuberose, Absolute, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Orris
Bottom Notes: Leather, Antique Woods, Vetiver, Amber Crystals, Tonka Beans

It smells like a perfect spring day which includes high tea with the girls and then champage cocktails later that evening.

MAC’s limited edition Marcel Wanders collection is available from 6th December 2010 at David Jones MAC Counters Only. Call 1800 061 326 or visit for more information.

Note: The MAC Marcel Wanders False Lashes mascara was gifted to us for editorial consideration. We were so impressed by the overall collection we just had to tell you all about it.

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