Baller Jeans – for guy who needs to adjust themselves discreetly in public

Not many things shock us in fashion. But a denim brand which specifically creates hand-shaped pockets so a guy can adjust himself sure did. Created by Californian Zak King, Baller Jeans comes with a five-finger lycra glove sewn into the front pockets of every pair of their jeans so ‘the modern urban male who has a taste for originality and loves to be comfortable where it counts.’

“Every guy I know wants to look sharp while still hanging loose,” said King in a release. “Our design team knew exactly how to handle the situation. Both of the interior front pockets in every pair of BALLER JEANS are in the shape of a glove, providing discreet convenience for men who have a feel for both fashion and freedom.”

Admittedly this is a nifty idea, it could reduce the amount of adjustments made in public, but it wouldn’t hide the act if a guy is wearing skinny jeans. Like most denim brands, Baller Jeans come in a selection of styles, washes and colours and retails from $99 – $149.

Before you start spinning lines about the brands name, Baller actually refers to a young urbanite who excelled in basketball and who eventually made it off of the streets to make millions as a professional player. It doesn’t make reference to the body part that is being adjusted.

Will you be looking at buying a pair of Baller Jeans for yourself / the man in your life any time soon?


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