Jean Paul Gaultier designs limited edition t-shirt for Born HIV Free

The Global Fund has pulled in the big names in French fashion for their Born HIV Free campaign – Jean Paul Gaultier designed an exclusive t-shirt, France’s First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy models it and is the ambassador for the charity, while French Elle magazine will be distributing the t-shirt from August 6, 2010.

“Jean Paul Gaultier’s design will help us to reach more people with the message of the Born HIV Free campaign – that no child should be born with HIV when we have the medicines and means to prevent it,” says Bruni-Sarkozy. “It is our hope that people will wear this T-shirt to show their support of the campaign and encourage countries to continue funding of The Global Fund.”

Using his signature blue and white sailor-stripes as a symbol of his personal engagement with the campaign, the limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier for Born HIV Free t-shirt has yet to be unveiled (the above shot is one used when Bruni-Sarkozy was announced as the official ambassador). But we do know that it features a blue-striped body with the Born HIV Free double ribbon logo on the sleeve and a heart shape over the heart of the wearer with a print of Jean Paul Gaultier’s hand-written phrase ‘Hope spreads faster than AIDS’.

“The sailor theme represents the ability to travel and be free, while the heart is the center of life, and also of hope,” says Gaultier. “The heart is also a kind of a sailor tattoo, written on the body, with a slogan about hope. It represents both the hope for a cure and of children, who are all our hope for the future. This reinterpreted sailor shirt symbolises the overall cause of this campaign”.

The Born HIV Free limited edition t-shirt will be sold in France from 6th August, 2010 in conjunction with French Elle at newsstands and newsagents. The women’s t-shirt will retail at €20.40.

This great campaign from The Global Fund will reach its peak around early October when governments will meet to determine their levels of financial support for The Global fund for the next three years. Hence Bruni-Sarkozy’s involvement.


  • Cara Gray says:

    I think that now Jean Paul Gaultier has jumped on board the Bron HIV campaigne will be heard even more. Such a great message.

  • Esther says:

    I think it is good idea that designers starting to pay more attention to the society.

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