Dree Hemingway for A.Y. Not Dead’s Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign

There’s something about those Spanish brands. Some are super chic and on trend like Mango and Zara, and then you have the ones that ooze sex appeal (in a good or a bad way) like A.Y. Not Dead. A relatively unheard of brand in the western world, they have aimed to change that by enlisting the modeling talents of Dree Hemingway for their Spring 2011 ad campaign.

While the images are hot, we can’t help but think the butt-baring images are inspired by Gisele Bundchen’s butt images for V magazine back in 2009. The Dree images photographed by Sebastian Faena are kind of sexy, but kind of trashy as well. I guess denim can go both ways… I guess I have to give it the thumbs up just because there is no double denim on show.

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