Diane von Furstenberg does hospital gowns

Is there anywhere where a top fashion designer won’t go for the almighty dollar? We’ve seen many mighty designers succumb to the dollars that Target and H&M have been offering for the rights to use the brand buzz, we’ve also seen designers create uniforms for various airlines around the world. But Diane von Furstenberg has taken fashion into the hospital – the Cleveland Clinic to be exact. DvF has reportedly been working on this project for three years and came about when she met the hospitals CEO at a conference back in 2007 and the new gowns feature “full-coverage, reversible design, incorporating the Cleveland Clinic’s diamond logo into von Furstenberg’s signature repetition pattern.” But most importantly, the gowns as modest so you won’t accidentally flash anyone if you go for a wonder around the hospital. [Newsweek]


  • Chantal says:

    And Ben Di Lisi did the same thing over in the UK a few months back

  • Margaret Feodoroff says:

    My 2 sisters and I designed a unique, fashionable, and functional hospital gown (though we prefer the term “recovery wear”) after 2 of us were diagnosed with cancer. Though cancer was our “inspiration” if you will, our Healing Threads have been worn by people dealing with anything from knee replacement to kidney dialysis to mastectomy. Modesty, dignity, empowerment, fasionability, and functionality are all by-products of our Healing Threads. Please review our website to see a truly unusual hospital garment. Thank you

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