Blogger Diaries: The jewels, the trainers, the Mulberry and the Country Road eyewear

This a new semi-regular feature has been a long time coming. I get invited to many fun events that don’t seem to make its way on to the blog, and it’s about time I rectified that and showed you a little more of my world beyond live tweets from various events. Don’t go expecting highly stylized photos where I pose on inadament objects though, this is a blogger diaries about the trial and tribulations of juggling events, blogging and… oh yeah, my day job! Which is at a beauty company if you must know 😉

So. What’s been happening in my world? Let’s start from the very beginning – or at least a back in July 2010…

I was so lucky to be invited to the BVLGARI Sepenti watch launch at their Sydney boutique. Luxury event invites don’t come every day and I felt like a kid in a candy shop as we were ushered into the boutique out of working hours and were allowed free reign to try on their designer jewels worth thousands of dollars.

Of course I simply fell in love with their necklaces and rings but the Serpenti watch took my breathe away. According to the release the form of the reptile, the symbol of eternal youth and immortality in mythological creatures, has been an integral part of the Italian jewellery universe since time immemorial and has regularly been featured in the most prestigious of BVLGARI‘s creations over the decades.Serpenti celebrates the fusion of the snake with the Tubogas bracelet – two iconic balues that distinguish Bulgari. With a starting price of AUD$5,150 to $37,800 for a pink gold watch set with 38 diamonds, there was no doubting why diamonds are a girls best friend.

Diamonds and luxury boutiques aside, a girl needs to do some exercise. And that’s what I did one bright and early morning thanks to the lovely PRs over at Sweaty Betty for the launch of the Portland Get Fit shoes. I was whisked away to Avalon in Sydneys North Shore (about 1 hours drive away from the CBD) to do a spot of walking in the Portland Get Fits. I was so excited when I opened my box to discover a pink pair of Get Fits. Call me girlie, but if I have to exercise, I’d rather have the cutest shoes to do it in. The Portland Get Fits are designed to create greated muscle activation and help stimulate the body’s core stabilising muscles, and may also improve posture, reduce strain on back muscles, ankle, knee and hip joints! Quite handy if you ask me… especially at a RRP of under AUD$100!

We were then put through our strides by exercise expert Neil Russell by the beach (is there any better way?) before we were allowed to sit down for a super healthy breakfast at The Healthy Chef Cafe. Seriously, I have never had a healthier breakfast with everything being super fresh and super grain filled. In a good way.

We think you should check out the Portland Get Fit shoes – I wear mine when I’m going grocery shopping or walking come from work and actually feel my muscles working as I walk. Seriously!

P.S. No one thought to tell us that they were filming the Sweaty Betty PR reality tv show (which follows along the lines of Kelly Cutrone’s reality TV show in the US I assume). We were greeted with a film crew who had cameras pointed at us as we hopped out of the car. And again while we were exercising and then eating. Eeek! I hope I don’t make the final cut. I am not a morning person and probably looked grumpy and couldn’t string a sentance together.

Last but certainly not least was the launch of the Country Road line of eyewear in Specsavers. A long standing chain of chic womens and menswear, Country Road is one of the longest running ready to wear outlets in Australia and New Zealand. And now they’ve added eyewear to their lineup. With fashion designer and Specsavers ambassador Henry Roth on hand to talk about trends and how fabulously Country Road’s eyewear fits into every day wear (and apparently they are as interchangeable as your shoes or jewelry). Which Henry says is not uncommon these days. I guess it’s almost justifiable with the 2010 Country Road eyewear collection setting you back $199 for two pairs (including Pentax standard single vision lenses).

It was a nice little launch which was marked by a birthday cake for Roth followed by the PR encouraging us to head into their store to experience the Specsaver experience – which I have yet to do. But my sister needs glasses so I think it may be time 😉 Stay tuned for that report.

Stay tuned for more fashion (and sometime beauty) blogger trials and tribulations.

Helen xx

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    Oh, I would have died on the spot if I were being filmed. UGH. You know, how you pull that ‘don’t look nervous’ face when you know you’re being filmed, instead you end up pulling a ‘twitchy weirdo’ face.

    I do have to say, that’s very mean to film people eating and exercising. Two things that should never, EVER, be filmed!

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