Sisley Fall/Winter 2010, undoubtedly shot by Terry Richardson

What is it with Terry Richardson and his sexually suggestive photographs? Take the Sisley Fall/Winter 2010-11 ad campaign for example; one of the images sees Ashley Smith lying on the floor of a supermarket holding a cucumber to her mouth in very suggestive measure.

Our first thought was ‘typical’ but then you should keep in mind that Sisley are known for their risqué ads (including a ‘sniffing vest’ ad which turned out to be a fake) so it comes as no surprise that Richardson, who’s no stranger to controversy was contracted to photograph the campaign.

Style by Anastasia Barbieri the campaign also features Ryan Kennedy and Tyler Riggs as in an array of shots that are set in a supermarket and laundromat. I can’t help but think this is a magazine editorial gone wrong. What do you think?