Introducing… the $1,850 sports bra

How much do you spend on sports bras? I’m guessing around $50 per bra – and depending on how big your boobs are, the more you would spend. Well Kelly Dooley, creator of BodyRock Sport is pushing the boundaries of fashionable sportwear by creating Trenta, a custom-made sportsbra in collaboration with jewelry designer Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer. Made from spandex and gunmetal burnout fabric the 2-in-1 sports bra also features some serious bling – a detachable sterling silver charm bracelet and necklace fastened to the front of the bra and a black diamond Swarovski Crystal neckline.

This seriously expensive bra is part of BodyRock Sport’s Show ‘Em Off collection and claims to be the ultimate fashion statement.

“The Trenta Bra encompasses BodyRock Sport’s mission, which is to empower and enable them to look and feel good everyday,” says Dooley. “This bra is multipurpose just like our entire collection. The Knight & Hammer necklace attached to the bra can be detached and worn as a long necklace or short necklace and bracelet. Whether worn day or night, The Trenta Bra is the ultimate fashion statement.”

Would you invest in this serious piece of bling to impress that guy at the gym?

I wouldn’t – but I don’t think I’ve spent $1,850 on exercise clothes before in my life – in total.


  • Amber says:

    This surely is a fashion statement alright but I wouldn’t want to get my black diamond Swarovski Crystal necklace all sweaty at the gym. Will have to impress that guy at the gym with another sexy crop top. Never-the-less it’s a stunner!

  • reena says:

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  • KatieM says:

    Can we say “Trying too hard to impress”. Besides it’s no where near as pretty as the solid gold bra made in Hong Kong or the gold, jewel encrusted dildos from Scarlet Armour. I guess I’m just saying pushing boundaries isn’t new (and it’s done everywhere -in public, private or both) and I think this one is a mediocre attempt.

    As for spending the money -hobbies are all about the gear and people drop tons. Think about what you are into and how much money you spend (last I checked the average women carries approx. $300 worth of make-up in her $1500 designer handbag… oh but that’s different (haha)

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