Georgia May Jagger out as Versace opts for Anna Selezneva, Iselin Steiro & Valerija Kelava A/W 2010-11

It seems that Autumn/Winter 2010-11 is the season for changing things up, first Burberry chose not to have Emma Watson front their advertising campaign now Versace has parted ways with Georgia May Jagger. Instead the Italian fashion house has chosen three lesser known models in the form of Anna Selezneva, Iselin Steiro and Valerija Kelava.

Photographed by Mario Testino, the black and white campaign is moody and bold. But we can’t help but think the models are just slightly underweight with their angular bodies seemingly contorted into odd poses that do nothing to make them look sexy and shapely – everything we thought Versace was all about. Versace should bring back the curves like Prada – after a string of celebrity ‘faces’ (which included Halle Berry, Demi Moore and Madonna) the recent campaigns starring Jagger, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss had more sex appeal than this one.


  • amy says:

    Those girls look SICK: eat some freaking food for god sakes, GEEZ

  • Bunnun says:

    How much more underweight do you want them to get before you call them what they are: anorexic?

  • Jennifer says:

    LOL I was afraid to say something about how much they look like they’re on some serious drugs here…but yes, they do need some food don’t they!

  • Is says:

    So much slouching and so little food… not a very appealing ad campaign, I have to say. It doesn’t make me want to look like them or buy anything from them.

  • All Dressed Up says:

    aww come on.. can someone give these girls some food?

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