Buy Cher/Alicia Silverstone’s Calvin Klein dress from Clueless

For those of us who watched Clueless back when it was released in 1995 (I came to it via the fabulous technology known as the VHS a few years later) it was a fascinating insight into the world of the fashion obsessed teens in LA. Alicia Silverstone’s character talked about ‘exoctic’ brands like Azzedine Alaia and had a computer which matched her outfits for her. After all when you’re 15 or 16 the only brands you really know are the Gap or the big fashion houses like Prada. Though one dress stood out a lot more than others, and that would be the slinky white Calvin Klein slip dress.

Like clockwork, we can instantly recall the particular conversation that introduced the dress to the world.

Scene: Cher struts down the stairs, making an ‘entrance’ for her date, Christian.

Cher’s father Mel: What are you wearing?
Cher: A dress
Mel: Says who?
Cher: Calvin Klein

Now 15 years later you can snap up an official recreation of the dress for yourself thanks to the people from the LA boutique Confederacy who asked Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa to recreate the iconic dress for her store.

It’s available to buy online now for the budget popping price of US$915. All for a piece of 90s pop culture history – essentially a slip dress.

Relive the magic of Clueless below through the official movie trailer.

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