Trend alert: Jeggings for men

Some things you have to see to believe and men in jeggings (yes, jeans + leggings) is one of them. According to Fashionista they are emerging as quite a trend at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan right now with The Moment chiming in on twitter as well. So far male jeggings have been spotted on the runway of Versace, Emporio Armani, John Varvatos and Burberry Prorsum. I had just spoken to a local newspaper last week about how the leggings trend should go away (especially paired with denim shorts and boots) but with the appearance of the skin tight pant on the menswear runways means this trend may take another 2 years to run its course. Are you ready to see your man strut around town in leggings, or worse, jeggings? [Fashionista]


  • William says:

    Anti-male gender in the fashion industry and the media, especially female writers ,is as predictable as sun-rise and sun-set, while cross-dressing/ transvestism by females is treated as totally normal and expected, in fact, a female dressed in feminine clothes is considered by females as the abnormal but tolerated. Turn the tables on females concerning males having a ” blank check or carte blanche in fashion, including taking over womenswear as the new ” masculine style ” and it would never ” fly ” !Liberal women complain illogically about the ” glass ceiling in corporate circles” but fashion discrimination against males the last 70 years and losing their clothes to females is totally gender biased and immoral!

  • Shark says:

    Agreed William!!
    Why should jeggings be only for the girls? A lot of guys like us are getting totally bored with the lack of variety in mens’ clothing, and are looking for something new. There’s only so many ways to wear a basic shirt, pants and flat shoes. Why do have have to be so limited in our clothing options?
    I’m so tired of seeing all of these writers having to put their male-bashing spin onto anything like men wearing jeggings, speedos, etc. Have an open mind for a change & keep your personal feelings out of your articles.
    And no, I’m not gay either.

  • Helen Lee says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m sorry but women are not trying to restrict men to certain pieces of clothing. Jeggings don’t look good on women, let alone men. They should be burned and hopefully never seen again.

    Also a blog is about personal opinions, I don’t often air them but when I do it’s not just a passing opinion.

    Thanks for visiting though.

  • Reese says:

    i am not the biggest fashion guy but this is a little to feminine for me,I’m 6’5″ i cant imagine how this would look on me even to attract jessica Alba no no and NO! BURN IT!

  • Ty says:

    I am a male. I am a fan of wearing jeggings and tights. I think they look good if used properly, and thus, not everyone can wear them. You just have to have skinny legs, otherwise they look horrible. But male or female, they are very fashionable. I am 6’1 and weigh 130 pounds and I have skinny legs and I always get complimented on my jeggings or tights. People are just so prejudiced against ‘different’ ideas, so it is not unusual to see hate against something like tight pants on men. I am not persuading people to open their minds, I am just saying as it is. But I’ll stick to REAL fashion, which is about experimentation and ideals, and you stick to your lowly form of ‘fashion’ which is about following trends and ‘what’s hot.’

  • Rick says:

    I’m a guy and I LOVE jeggings. I have tree of them, and my girlfriend loves to see me in them. I think all stores should sell them as unisex men can wear them too.

  • Jussara says:

    WOW that was super cute!!! I love u n how u model you have your own special thing going on. I am a big fan i think i am your biegsgt fan. U rock,I hope to be great like u one day.MUCH LOVE>=)Armani

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