S.Pellegrino meets Missoni for a special edition bottle to celebrate Made In Italy

When it comes to fashion brands and designer bottles, it’s not an uncommon partnership. In the past we’ve seen the likes of Karl Lagerfeld team up with Diet Coca-Cola, Patricia Field for Skky Vodka and Matthew Williamson with Belvedere Vodka to create a dress. But what makes the collaboration between S.Pellegrino (sometimes known as San Pellegrino) and Missioni is that both are Italian brands who have banded together to promote ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide.

The collaboration allowed Missoni to cover the S.Pellegrino bottle label with their signature zig zag pattern.

“Clothing a bottle, exteriorizing the tones, reflections and nuances that the light creates on the water’s surface is the task we have assigned to ourselves, to give shape to our interpretation of S.Pellegrino,” says Angela Missoni. “An object capable of evoking and amplifying water’s characteristics of freshness, transparency and radiance through our distinctive zigzag motif. Ours has been an intervention aimed at exceeding the confines of a simple marketing operation. We have not invented anything new, we tried to convey our experience and taste in things in our most congenial manner.”

It’s also interesting to note that this is first time that S.Pellegrino has allowed someone else to interpret their bottle in more than a century.

“At the beginning we were so excited about the project, but also a little bit apprehensive,” says Valeria Norreri, Int’l S. Pellegrino Brand Manager . “The result was such a good one that we decided to make four variants of the bottle, just like a fashion collection.”

Of course the brand collaborations didn’t stop there, a special Missioni bottle cover made with an original textile patchwork for the S.Pellegrino bottle as a PR gift to media. No word on where the special PR bottle will go (we assume various major media outlets worldwide, eventually landing on eBay) but 30 million bottles of S.Pellegrino with the Missioni designed label will be distributed to the best restaurants around the world.


  • Carlos says:

    Another bright idea from marketing. If it’s not broken don’t fix fit. At first I tough taste was different and that I bough wrong bottle. What does Missoni have to do with Pellegrino? Missoni meets Pellgrino????? in what way? same? How does that change the product except confuse consumer? Drop the Missoni man! Label looks weird. What does exclusive selection mean to me? Marketing foolishness.

  • Dietmar says:

    Have just had a Missoni bottle on our table last week in Marrakech. Plus in Arabic Version. I like the idea very much. If we have guests we also like to have “the” water on the table and not just “some” water. It´s a matter of celebrating things whenever if it is possible.

    Remaining question to me, where to buy S. Pellegrino, Missoni and in Arabic?


  • B Ferrell says:

    I just picked up a bottle of this at an interstate gas station in VA. What gives? This takes the special out of the bottle artwork.

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