The Prada B.Y.O. bag – a $295 canvas tote

How much would you expect to pay for a Prada bag? Anywhere into the thousands I suspect. Well Prada have created a new eco-friendly must have tote called the Prada B.Y.O Bag. Made from… well we’re not sure what, but they according to the paragraph we were sent along with these photos:

“Bring your own bag” is the idea behind these versatile, spacious and destructured bags.
A collection of lightweight bags (5 ounces) in the traditional Prada fabric embelished with select archive prints. “B.Y.O Bags” to carry at all times.

It will set you back a tidy $295 in Prada boutiques this month. Not a bad price when you consider the fact that these beautiful print bags feature the famous Prada logo and some Prada hertiage in the selection of prints, but it is a exorbitant price when you conside the fact that most canvas shoping tote’s usually retail for less than a few dollars – for maybe $30 if you feel like splashing out.

Will you be buying a Prada B.Y.O. bag?