Dolly Parton for French Vogue, the Facebook campaign

We’ve seen the likes of Betty White and MC Hammer come back with a vengeance thanks to social media, will aging country crooner Dolly Parton manager the same fate? Fashion stylist and interior designer Michael Bargo has started a Facebook page where he’s asking everyone to ‘Like’ if they want to see Parton in Vogue – so far he has 1,178 fans who agree with his wish.

“This page was created because only great things would come from Carine Roitfeld styling Dolly Parton for the cover of Paris Vogue. It would be truly incredible if she were the guest editor and was styled throughout the issue by various editors and shot by different photographers…… all I’m saying…..”

Stylists and designers will have trouble dressing Parton’s large assets if she were to be given an image make over, but it should be interesting to see if Parton gets a slight revive in the fashion limelight – even though I doubt it will be in French Vogue. But stranger things have happened.

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  • Rudi says:

    Darn right! One of the last of the genuine peolpe to make it, and an artist of the truest kind. Dolly Parton can charm, sass, bewitch, and spar all with that diamond of dignity holding her up. And she got no fear in her of being a healthy woman living her own full life. But it’s that buttery softness in her songs, that plaintive moan of honesty, that gets me every time. Real gifts, every gem.

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