The highest bidder gets an Anna Wintour meet and a NYFW experience – valued at $20,000

If you thought $42,500 was a huge price to pay for an internship at American Vogue, then we think Anna Wintour‘s latest philanthropic efforts may bring in a little more money. Why? Because up for grabs this week on Charitybuzz is the ultimate New York Fashion Week experience – the highest bidder gets to meet Wintour, attend a fashion show during NYFW, get a Alexander Wang Leather Duffle Bag and Proenza Schouler Large Suede Tobacco PS1 Bag, a Christian Louboutin $1,000 gift certificate, one-night stay at the Bowery Hotel and a $150 gift certificate to Pulino’s Bar and Pizzeria. Wow. Bidding starts at $6,500 with an estimated value of $20,000!

Let’s do the maths of the items we know the worth of:

  • Alexander Wang Leather Duffle Bag: $895 (approx if it’s the Mini Rocco Duffel)
  • Proenza Schouler Large Suede Tobacco PS1 Bag: $1,995
  • Christian Louboutin gift certificate: $1,000
  • One-night stay at the Bowery: $425 (approx for a Bowery Queen room around NYFW)
  • Paulino’s Bar and Pizzeria gift certificate: $150

Total = $4,465

Which means all together the NYFW tickets and the meet with Anna Wintour (where we assume she will acknowledge the winning bidder) is estimated at a whopping $15,535, so if spilt evenly then each experience is priced at $7,767.50. That is, if the whole package goes for $20,000.

If the last Vogue/Charitybuzz auction was anything to go by could surpass $50,000.

It’s time to cash in your college funds (or beg your family to cash it in) if you have dreamed of attending New York Fashion Week and meeting Ms Wintour. Bidding ends on May 13th so get in quick! Oh yeah, the proceeds of the auction go to Art of Elysium.

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