RAFW S/S 2010-11: The calm before the fashion storm

So this is the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Sydney’s Circular Quay, the location for this week’s fashion frenzy – also known as Rosemount Australian Fashion Week – and where we’ll be bringing you all sorts of fun and frivolity from whatever perch we’re assigned (or can find).

But we before the drama starts I got to thinking – why every fashionista in town is surely thinking about what they’re going to be wearing for the next 5 days, with our new found like of beauty (will talk more about this later), what will keep our skin glowing throughout the 5 days of early starts and late finishes?

Let’s start with the hair. After all your whole look can be a hit or a miss thanks to oily roots and or droopy curls. Products I am simply in love with lately are:

  1. O&M (Original & Mineral)’s Balance of Power shampoo and conditioner paired with the Seven Day Miracle moisture masque. The deep cleansing formula does wonders for build up of oil and product and the moisture masque leaves the hair softer than ever. P.S. All three products are available in a ‘Original Detox’ pack in a beautiful make up bag now.
  2. For days when I am feeling a little lazy, there is Batiste’s dry shampoo in black. I love their coloured versions since white power in dark hair is not fashionable.
  3. Now, let me start by saying I love this third product. Sebastian Professional’s Shaper Fierce hairspray. I have never loved hairspray before trying this one, but it won be over just by keeping my curls in place for hours. Simple, easy as that. It did it’s job! My hair is notoriously bad at keeping curls (or waves) of any kind for longer than 2 – 3 hours, and I have tried all sorts of hair sprays. But this one, true to its name, keep’s the shape fierce.

After the hair is taken care of, there is the face. I could waffle on about shadows and blush and lipsticks, but any good face starts with a good foundation.

  1. That’s why I love SmashBox’s Photo Finish Primer. It goes on smooth and keeps your ‘face’ in place all day. And it’s full of ‘good for your skin’ ingredients so there are no clogging of the pores.
  2. Speaking of clogging the pores, it’s the very reason I switched to a mineral make up foundation – iD Bare Minerals’ foundation powder to be exact. And to be honest I may never go back!

And there you have it. The basics that will hopefully take me through the week. Beauty wise at least.

And to get you through the week? Stay tuned to this blog – and our twitter account @sassybella for the latest goss from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.