RAFW S/S 2010-11: Ksubi closes the week with One Via Zero

Another Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is over, but our coverage wrap up hasn’t finished with a backlog of designers we still want to talk about. But we felt we had to feature the show that closed the night – Ksubi’s 10th anniversary show, which also marked their first fashion show after being saved from voluntary administration.

Big theatrics were expected from the fashion brand who in the past let rats loose on the runway, with the cavernous expanse of the Royal Hall of Industries at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter, no one knew what to expect until the day of the show when we walked in to our ring side seat to watch the show inspired by gang culture and insignia. With super stylist Brana Wolf and Victoria’s Secret’s Kannon Rajah acting as the show director and casting agent, fans, fashion editors and critics were hoping the week would end with a bang.

And really we should have known better. The cult denim label stuck to what they knew best – grungy denim for the hipster subculture of the world. Not that the final RAFW spring/summer 2010-11 show didn’t start with bright lights and theatrics with the lights rising and models entering the ring from a small maze of boards covered in black plastic. We really wished we had the words to describe Ksubi’s spring/summer 2010-11 show, but we think you should watch the finale walk video above instead (just a note, please excuse the wobbling during the first few minutes).

We had made a run for the door before the Ksubi birthday cake (which came in the shape of a rat) was rolled out and the food fight started.

It had been a long week, to which we’ll talk more about in the coming few days.