RAFW S/S 2010-11: Dion Lee cements his place as a superstar

This was easily one of the most anticipated shows of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Dion Lee‘s star has risen from a designer to watch to the ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, to use a popular Australian phrase. After last season’s stunning show at an underground car park in Kings Cross, Lee took things above ground to the iconic Sydney Opera House for his spring/summer 2010-11 collection.

Entitled Façade, the collection was all about the tension between something controlled and something subconscious and less inhibited. Which to me meant that he was looking to experiement more with movement and flow in his designs – evident when an array of dresses that mixed pleated detail that was knotted and wrapped around the model to create intricate dresses that was scultped to the models body but had movement and flow.

His signature tailoring ad evident in his usual range of blazers and skirts that featured beautiful folded work and Lee’s signature cut outs on the arm of the jackets and trench coats paired with laser cut-out skirts and trousers that contrasted against a purple base. We also got to see Lee explore the world of prints with rorschach inkblot prints that wrapped and contoured the body to replicate the bones beneather the garment as if the models were under an x-ray machine.

The beauty and hair by Napoleon Perdis and ghd complemented the collection beautifully with the luminous skin that was inspired by the Dutch painted Vermeer, achieved with  Perdis’ Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation and the silver shade from his Light Patrol Luminizer Palette.

It was a breath taking collection that we’ll be adding to our wish list for our summer wardrobe.

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  • Julia says:

    Use bright coorls like pink, red, green, purple,and my best color BLUE. Make the forecast rainy or a warm and Little wind and sun with clouds!

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