Lily Allen dumped from Chanel because of her partying

I never thought British singer Lily Allen was a good fit for Chanel so was not a fan of her fronting the Chanel Coco Cocoon ads last year. And although it took Karl Lagerfeld a little while to come to the same conclusion, he thought the same thing too when he replaced Allen with Vanessa Paradis less than a year later. His reason? According to a source, it was because he hated her party girl image.

“Karl had a show and a party, but Lily was not invited. It was Karl’s way of making it clear she is no longer a part of the Chanel family. He instructed his people not to invite her… [Karl] is very strict about who can represent the brand and there is a feeling that Lily is too much of a party girl,” the source claimed.

Well we could have told him that, this is a girl who’s hit singles include one entitled F*#k You and counts a fashion line with British’s high street chain New Look in her fashion resume. While we think her music is is great, it’s not exactly Chanel now is it?

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  • RedPoppy says:

    Geez, I couldn’t agree with you more! I hated that Karl blessed Lily Allen in the CHANEL role, and I could never understand it either…

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