American Apparel Nail Polish returns with six new spring colours

Last year American Apparel announced that they were expanding into the beauty industry, by way of nail polish. Then in January news broke that they were voluntarily recalling the nail polish due to ‘hazardous material’ in its nail polish bottles. But it didn’t stop the American retail chain – they have just announced six new shades for the Northern Hemisphere spring with more set to come over summer.

“The first 18 colors of our nail polish line were an experiment – we picked colors that were beautiful and didn’t set out to necessarily match them with anything. For summer, we saw an opportunity not only to add a few new colors, but also to develop some fresh shades that can coordinate with the tones of our new styles,” said Marsha Brady, a creative director for American Apparel.

The six spring colours all have fun names like California Trooper, Malibu Green, Summer Peach, and Butter and are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde-free. With a retail price of $6 a bottle or $15 for a pack of three it’s not hard to see why people were willing to race out to pick up a bottle. Hope they’ve solved their ‘hazardous material’ problem though.

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  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    So I guess pastel nails are back with a vengeance. Have you seen the new Shrek-inspired colors from OPI?

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