Woman by Peter Morrissey for Big W expands into handbags

Australian retail chain Big W (along the lines of K-Mart and Target) Big W are trying very hard in the fashion stakes lately, first the with the announcement of Peter Morrissey designing a lingerie collection, followed by a Gossip Girl collection by Kai Aiyub and how with the expansion of the Morrissey line into handbags. “This collection is designed to be the perfect accompaniment for any outfit,” Morrissey says. “These practical, versatile bags are stylish and well made while still managing to be affordable! I have really enjoyed working with accessories again and am looking forward to offering BIG W customers more exciting surprises throughout 2010.”

We’ll let you be the judge (photos below) but we have to say this is a huge step down from the things he used to design for Edmiston Morrissey and his own namesake line. The bags hit Big W stores from 20th April 2010.

Left to right: Emma (Zip Top Studded Double Handled Tote) RRP$39.64, YOGA bag RRP$34.86, Yuki Satchel (Double Clip Handbag) RRP$39.64.

What do you think of the Woman by Peter Morrissey handbags?