So you want to be a fashion designer? Miley Cyrus could decide your fate

Fashion and Miley Cyrus are not two phrases I would immediately put together, unless Herve Leger was also thrown in there for good measure. But it seems the people at Habbo Hotel think she’s a fashion icon and have enlisted Miley’s help to judge a fashion design competition. Bonus is that you don’t need to know how to sketch because you’ll be designing a 2D outfit on Habbo Hotel which will then be submitted for review by Miley.

To coincide with their fashion design competition, Habbo Hotel also conducted a global fashion survey to see what teen fashionistas think… and the results are diverse to say the least. Habbo teens say that they count the likes of Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and Gisele Bundchen as fashion icons with over 70% of the 60,000 respondents saying fashion is a very important aspects of their teenaged lives. Well duh. But one wouldn’t have expected Gisele or Paris Hilton to be teen fashion-icons.


  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    I thought something similar when Faith Hill was judging the Project Runway finale.

  • jasmin says:

    please pik me! this is so awesum n i really hope i get chosen cz ilov fashion n nwi cud hav a chanc2 show t!

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