Naomi Campbell vs Natalia Vodianova: for good of the Russian children

Natalia Vodianova had better watch her popularity stakes in her home country of Russia, Naomi Campbell is eyeing off her ‘I want to help Russian children’ territory. Campbell recently told Reuters that she wants to raise money for the country’s underprivileged children — just like Vodianova does through the Naked Heart Foundation which runs an annual LOVE ball, a charity she started in 2005 which aims to provide a safe environment for children to play in in Russia.

“I’m living here [in Russia]… everyone has been very nice to me and welcoming and I wanted to give back,” Campbell said. “I love doing things with kids…. I think what’s great is that Moscow will be the first.”

Campbell will host a fundraiser next month called NEON for two Russian charities (The Iris Foundation run by Daria Zhukova and Northern Crown run by the wife of Russia’s Finance Minister) which provide education, medicine and training for children.

The British supermodel spends part of the year Moscow thanks to her relationship with Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin and has reportedly become a fixture on the social circuit in Russian designer pieces.  She reportedly hopes to take NEON to other countries so Vodianova needn’t worry that Campbell will take over her crown of the reigning supermodel-charity queen in Russia. Yet anyway. At least it will all benefit Russian children.

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  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    Good for Naomi! I’m sure her intentions are noble, but she also needs all the good PR she can get! 🙂

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